Love Will Find The Way

Author : Rachel

Genres : Indian Romance

Stars : ⭐⭐⭐

Wattpad :

Synopsis : A journey of how he lost the one he loved. A story of love, hate, revenge and forgiveness.
Join Advith and Ishta as the battle the hardships of love. As love always isn’t enough…….

My Review : Ok guys this book is from wattpad and a local author wrote it. This book needs a lot of editing and a lot of fixing. I like the initial core story of Adhvit and Ishita. Adhvit is arrogant, smart, short tempered, loving and caring were as Ishita is  fun, shopaholic, crazy, daddy’s girl, and loving. so basically these are the main leads in the story, as well as some extra stories are also mentioned for the side characters. I like the story a lot, its mostly the plot is like a movie. some realistic and some not, a lot of originality, the author has done a good work with the plot. it has lot of masti, drama, romance, pranks, emotional scenes, police, blackmail, property issues, in short the book is good worth reading if you ignore the grammatical mistakes and short words and lot of other mistakes.


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