Back to twelve: Chapter 1 – Previous Life

Past life

After working for four years, Meng Qingqing has always been a small employee in the company, who has she just graduated from an ordinary university! Coupled with her lonely and dull personality, she is already twenty-five years old, but she has never even talked about a relationship.

When she got off work today, Meng Qingqing wanted to go back to her rented cabin to cook, at the bus stop near the company as usual, but she received a call from Xiaogu Mengzimei. 

Mengzimei said “Qingqing, are you working? When you get off work, come to our house your uncle here.”

“Small aunt, I just got off work, what’s the matter?”

” Qingqing, come right now, fast, there are important things to discuss here.”

Meng Qingqing “Oh”, just came to a 1-way car, this bus is the bus to the door of the Dabojia community, Meng Qingqing then squeezed the 1st car.

Meng Qingqing mother died young. This is what her Grandma and Dad said. She has never seen her mother or has no memory of her mother. What is more unfortunate is that when Meng Qingqing was twelve years old, her father also died from illness, so Meng Qingqing and her grandmother lived together in the mountain village, but not long after, Grandma also passed away, Meng Qingqing was received by the uncle in the provincial city of South City to go to school and live with the Dabo family.

People who know the inside story said that Meng Qingqing’s father was admitted to the university and did not go to work. He sacrificed himself to work for his brother, and his younger brother and sister went to school. Now he is suffering. His both brothers and sister were sending her to school as their daughters and raising her up. This is also what it should be.

Although Meng Qingqing knows that her father Meng Zijun gave up the opportunity to go to college, working for the uncle, Xiaoshu and Xiaogu to go to school, but she lived in the uncle’s house these years, let the uncle’s house for her school, she is still very grateful to the Dabo family, Although she was cold-spoken by her aunt, Yang Li, at that time in the house, she was rejected by her sister Meng Jingjing. However, in any case, the uncle’s family raised her, so those little uncomfortable and unpleasant, Meng Qingqing Can be ignored.

After graduating from college, Meng Qingqing moved out from the Dabo family. She rented a house and lived with her own family. It was not her ungratefulness. It was really Yang Li’s mother and daughter who finally got rid of her. Why should she not want to join them in front of them!

Now Xiaogu, who lives in the county town, suddenly calls to let her go to the Dabo family. Meng Qingqing doesn’t know what it will be. Since her grandmother left, Dabo’s family and her little uncle’s family have rarely moved around in the past few years. Each of them.

Meng Qingqing got off the bus at the entrance of Dabojia Community. It is the center of the city. It is the most prosperous area in Nanshi. It lives here and is very convenient for shopping. There are two shops at the entrance of the community. The annual rent is It is more than four hundred thousand. Therefore, the living standard of the Dabo family is very high. In the past few years, Meng Qingqing and the Dabo family lived together. The uncle said that his family’s conditions were better. Therefore, he did not let Xiaoshu and Xiaogu’s family bear the support of Meng Qingqing. This is also the time for Meng Qingqing. The family lived uncomfortably but was very grateful for the reason for their home.

Meng Qingqing entered the community. She lived in this community for ten years, so many people in the community knew her. She greeted them all the way. People in the community knew that Meng Qingqing was raised by the big brother, so the population of the Dabo family is very good. It can bring the prostitute from the remote mountainous area to the provincial capital for the university to graduate. No matter who listens, I feel that the Dabo family is very generous. This is also the words that Yang Li often hangs on her lips.

Meng Qingqing went to the door of the Dabo’s house on the fifth floor. After she came out to live, she gave the key to the uncle’s house. Every time she went back, she knocked on the door. But after Meng Qingqing knocked on the door, she heard that there was a fight.

“Big brother, you are really dark enough. When the second brother left this house, there are two shops in the community door, all of which are occupied by you. Let Qingqing rent a house outside.” This is Xiaogu’s sound.

Meng Qingqing was surprised and heard, how? This house also has two shops outside the community that Dad left behind? So, for so many years, I am not living under the fence, but living in my own home?

The aunt said: “You don’t want to see that we are so good now that we are so bloody, these properties are earned by ourselves.”

“Don’t lie, big brother, you both come from the countryside, and you are paid for the dead wages. Where do you buy so much money? When the second brother died, your family was huddled in the four-bedroom small two-bedroom apartment. In the house, because I know that the second brother bought a house here, he said that Qingqing went to the provincial capital to go to school in junior high school. Even the mother came to live with him, but when Qingqing Elementary School graduated, the second brother found out. With kidney disease, he did not care, so he did not pick up the green to go to the provincial capital to go to school, so Qingqing did not know that this house was bought by the second brother, but I know, big brother, in order to block my mouth, I will take you to the house of the fourth ring. Give it to me, say that you will raise the youth in the future, but I don’t know that the second brother is not only the house, but also two shops. So, this distribution is unfair, you should now take the two sets of shops together and divide them. Based on what the second brother left, do you occupy it alone?” This is the voice of Xiaoshu Meng Ziming.

Meng Qingqing heard it. What is the situation? When Dad suddenly passed away, it was the aftermath of the uncle and the uncle. At that time, Meng Qingqing was only twelve years old. He didn’t know how much his father had earned from working outside the country. The uncle said that Dad made a little money, but When I was sick, I went all the way to the hospital, and the uncle also took out.

The hospital invoices that Dad had been hospitalized for more than three months were given to Meng Qingqing. It seems that there are more than 200,000 and more than 200,000. It is not a small amount. In the countryside, this is a huge sum. Everyone believes in Meng. Qing Qing’s father worked outside the home these years but was able to accumulate the money, but all of them went to the hospital and finally made people and money.

Yang Li said with anger: “Meng Ziming, do you have any evidence that the two shops are left by Meng Zijun? Do you want money to be crazy?”

Meng Zijun snorted. “Now the real estate is connected to the Internet. Although I only work in the housing management office of the county, I want to check the real estate licenses of the people all over the country. It is not a matter of moving fingers. I am not sure. The evidence, of course, will not come to you, I saw, this house, and the two shops at the entrance of the community, the original head of the household is Meng Zijun, and later the head of the household changed to Meng Zijian, you take the name of raising green With all the documents of the second brother, it is not easy to change a real estate license, but the previous records cannot be changed.” 


One thought on “Back to twelve: Chapter 1 – Previous Life

  1. From the summary, it sound quite interesting,
    But from what I read from this chapter, it looks like MTL chapter, it’s still need more editing, to be readable.
    Some parts are quite confusing,
    Like: MQQ father is the eldest or second son?
    and there is a mention of bringing a prostitute from remote area to capital for uni; what’s up with the prostitute??


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