Back To Twelve : Chapter 2 – Rebirth

“Big brother, have nothing to say? The rents you have collected in these years, let alone for Qingqing to go to school, is enough for ten hundred greens, not to mention that I have seen that Qingqing has not been there in your home these years. Go, she used it with your family’s Jingjing, but there is no comparison, and she is like a servant in this home to cook every day to do housework to serve you. So, don’t always say that you raise the green, her dad stays The property that came down not only raised her, but also raised your family! So, it is not that you raise her, she is raising your family! We are also brothers and sisters of the second brother, and my brother and I also want to share a property. Equally divided.”

Yang Li said: “You can’t think about it, I don’t give you a penny. What will happen to you? This property certificate is written by our name, and it is also our place.”

Xiaogu sneered. “If I tell Qingqing about these things, she goes to the court and tells me that the original head of the household is called Meng Zijun. Qing Qing is his daughter. Only she has the qualification to inherit. This truth is white, you must go from this house. Going out, not only can’t get a share of the property, but you still must spit it out all these years. Believe it or not.”

Meng Qingqing has really confirmed the fact that she has been grateful to Dade’s uncle for more than a decade and turned out to be a sinister villain who had stolen the property that her father had left for her. She remembered the days she had lived in the family over the years. She always thought that I am living under the fence of the people, but I lived in my own house, but I was grateful to the uncle for all kinds of grievances and injustices.

There are also Xiaogu and Xiaoshu. They have been indifferent to themselves in these years. Now they are so noisy to compete for their own property. No one has considered a little bit of the girl who lost her father and mother. It is a loss for her father to continue to go to school. I, he gave up the opportunity to go to college, and he worked hard to make money for them to go to school. In the end, he got tired, got a serious kidney disease, and left his lonely daughter. They were also bullied.

In the middle of the battle, Meng Qingqing heard the ping-pong fight inside, but she was already numb, her heart was very cold and cool. In this world, these people are her closest relatives, but they do Such a vicious thing.

The door was suddenly opened, and the people inside saw Meng Qingqing standing at the door and stopped quarreling and fighting. All of them are looking at Meng Qingqing, who is full of tears. From the look of Meng Qingqing, she clearly has heard what they said.

Meng Zijian said: “Qing Qing, how come you came, how long has it been? How can you not knock on the door?” He was not sure whether Meng Qingqing knew the whole truth of the matter. So, he asked with luck.

“I have been here for a long time. I have heard all of you. How can you be so heartless, my dad is going to go to school for you, and put your life in. You must snatch the property he left behind. You still have no conscience. Can you sleep at night?”

Yang Li came to pull Meng Qingqing, “Qingqing, they are all nonsense, things are not like this. These houses are bought by me and your uncle, and you think about these years, we oversee you, they have never managed Passed you…”

Meng Qingqing opened Yang Li’s hand. “Enough, I have listened to these words for so many years. I have been so overwhelmed by my years. My father has been reading for you for years, but he has never been chanted by your ears every day. you will return this house and two shops to me. I will not care about the income of the shops over the years. It is the care of you in these years.”

“Meng Qingqing, you don’t want to be ungrateful, and you will report your enemies. If we are not in charge of you in these years, you can’t live until now and you don’t know it! Not to mention you are still in college.” Meng Zijian said.

“I am ungrateful, the people who will be enemies are you, there is no my father for you to study, you are still where the migrant workers are not knowing! You still shamelessly snatch my father’s property. You are waiting for the court’s subpoena!” After Qing Qing finished, he turned and went.

Yang Li was anxious and rushed to Mengzijian. “Take her, don’t let her go.”

Meng Zijian took Meng Qingqing, “Qing Qing, you promised me, don’t go to the court, the family will discuss everything.”

If you have any good discussions with these insatiable people, you will not discuss any good results. “Consultation? How to negotiate?”

“You don’t want to go to the court, we don’t want you to be kind enough for years.” Meng Zijian said a lot.

Meng Qingqing sneered, “My father wants you to go to college, the kindness of graduate students? How do you pay back? Is it to take over his property to return?”

Meng Zijian face fell.

Meng Qingqing broke away from Meng Zijian and walked up the stairs. Yang Li ran up and pushed Meng Qingqing, and Meng Qingqing rolled down the stairs. Rolling down the stairs, the head fell heavily on the wall.

Before the coma, Meng Qingqing heard Yang Li’s sharp voice and said: “It is her own fall. It has nothing to do with everyone. It is better to die. Everyone divides the property.”

When Meng Qingqing woke up, she found herself lying in the small earthen house of her hometown, sleeping on her bed when she was a child.

Outside the window, there was a chicken humming sound in the village, and the old sheep in the village rushed the sheep out to put the sheep, and the sheep screamed all the way.

All these voices are so familiar and intimate. Meng Qingqing is in a dream, wondering. In the yard, Grandma’s voice of feeding the chickens has spread again. “Don’t worry, have a share, grab something?” Really Grandma’s voice.

Grandma is not dead for many years?

Meng Qingqing got up, her body and clothes were all like when I was in junior high school more than ten years ago. She ran to the yard. Grandma saw her and said, “The genius is just bright. These days, the National Day school holiday, you You can sleep a little longer.”

Meng Qingqing’s own hand, hurt, is not dreaming, he is born again. She looked at the electronic watch that Dad bought for her, October 1, 2001. Dad died on November 19, 2001. So, Dad is still alive, and Meng Qingqing is very surprised. She was anxious to ask: “Grandma, is it the National Day of 2001? Is my father in the provincial capital?”

Grandma smiled and said: “You squat, sleep silly? You don’t know what time you are, yes! It’s the National Day of 2001, your school is on holiday, so you have a rest at home these days. Your father certainly makes money in the provincial capital. Aren’t he there all these years?”

I got the affirmation of my grandmother, Meng Qingqing could not restrain her excitement. “Grandma, my father hasn’t been home for a long time. I must go to the provincial capital to find my father in the past few days. Where is his phone number? I am going to the village now. The public office called him.”


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