Back To Twelve : Chapter 3 – Picking Water

“Your father is busy with work, no time to play with you, what are you doing? Say, you are a child, how to go?” Meng Qingqing did not go to the provincial capital before, let alone a child ?

At this time, Dad must have been lying in the hospital, but Grandma’s words indicate that she did not know what happened to her father. When she was alive, she and her grandmother learned that Dad had been sick for a long time after her father died. The uncle and the uncle glared at themselves and their grandmother. On the surface, they did not want to worry about them. In fact, I was afraid that they would know from Dad’s mouth that Dad had the property and could not let them take possession of the property for granted, so they concealed them. Let them go to see Dad!

Meng Qingqing thought, I must go to see my father anyway, maybe her rebirth can change the fate of her father, so that Dad should not leave them so early. Grandma will not leave because of her sadness after her father left for half a year.

Thinking of the past life, Meng Qingqing could not help but see tears. “Grandma, I want Dad, I want to see him. If you don’t worry about me, let’s us go see him together?”

Grandma hurriedly helped her to wipe her tears. “Good girls, don’t cry, hey! Your father is also, saying that you took me and the provincial capital with you in junior high school. Now that you are in junior high school, he suddenly says that work is busy. I will say later that you will not see your father several times at the end of the year. It is a poor child.”

Meng Qingqing cried even more sadly. Grandma said with distress: “Okay! After a while, you go to the village office and call your father. If he is not busy these days, you will go see him and let your little uncle send it. You go. Your uncle is also, their unit should also be on holiday, and don’t come back to see this old woman, and marry the wife to forget the mother! You are also a little girl, they will not come back after marriage. Also, they are in the county seat. In the middle of the poor mountain ditch, the dust is coming, and the road is not good.”

Meng Qingqing interrupted her grandmother’s embarrassment. “Grandma, where is my father’s phone number?”

“You gimmick, aren’t you remembering the calendar on your room? How is your memory so bad this morning? So old age is so big, it’s not as good as my old woman!”

Meng Qingqing ran back to his room, and sure enough, on the wall calendar, found his father’s phone number. Meng Qingqing remembered the phone number in his hand and silently remembered it in his heart.

Grandma said: “Now it is not until seven o’clock. The village office will open the door after 8 o’clock. You have to take some water. I will cook a bowl of noodles for you to eat.”

Two thousand years ago, the world outside is changing with each passing day. Modern buildings are everywhere, but Mengjia Village, where you are located, is still so backward. For decades, there is no change. Every family is an earthen house. In the pond at the entrance of the village, the water in the pond is accumulated by the rain and then filtered. Drinking water is a problem if you don’t rain for a long time. No wonder the girls in the village are bent on marrying outside, and those who go out to work are reluctant to come back. The village is in the mountains, and people’s drinking water is a problem, not to mention crops. The harvest depends on God. Mengjiacun can be said to be the poorest village in the entire county. I don’t know why the former ancestors chose to settle in such a remote place.

Meng Qingqing took the bucket and walked to the pool.

There are several women in the pool who are washing clothes. Meng Zhaodi’s mother, Wang Hao, who is going to school with Meng Qingqing, is also in the same place. Because Meng Zhaodi and Meng Qingqing are in a class from primary school to junior high school, they are also in a village, so they both naturally Going together, the relationship is relatively good.

Wang Shudao said: “Qing Qing, I heard that your father is making a fortune outside, and I have to take you to the provincial capital to go to school. How can I have been studying for more than a month now, and I am not coming to pick you up?”

Meng Qingqing’s family, Dabo, Xiaoshu and Xiaogu all went to college and worked outside, so in the eyes of Mengjiacun people, the family has a good life. The villagers have envy and embarrassment. If they are like this, they often listen. When Meng Qingqing smiled, she passed away. She never put the words of the villagers in her heart, because she did not carefully understand the meaning of those words, but after the first time, Meng Qingqing is not the mind of a 12-year-old girl. She heard the ridicule in Wang Shuo’s words.

Meng Qingqing said faintly: “My father has temporarily delayed things. I will go to the provincial capital to go to school next semester.”

Meng Qingqing is not talking about big things. She knows that her father has a house in the provincial capital. She will go to the provincial capital to go to school. It is only this semester is impossible. The most important thing is to save the father.

“I won’t change this time? It turns out that when you went to the provincial capital to go to school in junior high school, it has been said for half a year. Now it is said next semester.”

Meng Qingqing bent over and filled the water. While flicking and flicking, he said, “My father has bought a house in the provincial capital. Sooner or later, I will go to the provincial capital to go to school.” I left a cry, “in the provincial capital bought a house, and Meng Zijun really got rich!”

Meng Qingqing knows that within half an hour, the village will spread this thing. She wants to let the villagers know that Dad bought a house in the provincial capital. In this way, I can’t dare to fight the idea of ​​the house..

Meng Qingqing pours the water home and pours it into the stone jar of the kitchen, and then picks it up. She decides to go to the provincial capital to find her father and take care of her father. It may not come back for a long time. She wants to pick up the water tank, grandma. It is not easy for a person to be at home. In this world, except for Dad, Grandma is the best for her.

She was born again at this time, and her heart was happy and heavy. The joy is that she can start again. She can see Grandma and Dad again. She is not alone. She is only a father for only a month. She hopes Dad can because Her rebirth changed the trajectory of fate, but she was afraid that she could not change anything or could not grasp Dad’s hand. There is still the death of Grandma after half a year. She does not know if it can change.

When Meng Qingqing went to the pond next to the second, she felt that the atmosphere was somewhat unusual. Wang Hao saw her, and turned her head to the side with anger, ignored her, and slammed her clothes while talking to others, just like Meng Qingqing. It is like hatred.

Meng Qingqing knew that her previous words made her jealous. Every time she took the exam, Meng Qingqing’s score was higher than that of Meng Zhaodi. Wang Hao was such an expression, suddenly ignored Meng Qingqing, or her yin and yang, she saw a few days later. Meng Qingqing, she was very enthusiastic about her, because the school is in the town, more than 30 kilometers away from the village, and only two of them went to junior high school in the village, so Meng Qingqing could not be so erratic because of Meng Zhaodi’s mother. The attitude and Meng Zhaodi do not come and go, Meng Zhaodi’s mother is also like this, although it is very difficult for Meng Qingqing to overwhelm her daughter in learning, but she does not want her daughter and Meng Qingqing to fall out. On the way to school, they will also go with each other.


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