Back To Twelve : Chapter 4 – Telephone

Meng Zhaodi is also a monk Qingqing. Not only does Meng Qingqing learn better than her, but also Meng Qingqing’s uncle and uncle Xiaogu’s family are working outside, and Meng Qingqing’s father is a high school student, giving Meng Qingqing such a good listening. The name of the foreigner, unlike her, Meng Zhaodi, is a very earthy name, often provokes students to joke. However, although Meng Zhaodi is also married to Meng Qingqing, she is smart and not as explicit as her mother. She is hidden from her mother.

Meng Qingqing picked three waters to pick up the water tank. Because of this kind of work, she started to work every day from the age of seven, so she didn’t feel tired. Grandma’s noodles were cooked. Grandma also specially played Meng Qingqing. An egg, Meng Qingqing ate noodles, to see if the time is already 7:40, and then rushed to the village office with his grandmother.

From Mengjiacun to the village office, adults can spend half an hour at the earliest. Meng Qingqing can’t wait to hear his father’s voice, and ran all the way, so he rushed to the village office in more than 20 minutes.

Meng Qingqing panted and said to the village office that there was an urgent need to call.

The people in the village office knew that Meng Qingqing was a member of Mengjia Village. He shook his head and said: “More than one family in the other villages has more than one family phone, and you can’t afford a phone in Mengjiacun.”

Meng Qingqing thought that Dad had long wanted to have a landline at home, but they were too remote, and only one family was safe. The Telecommunications Bureau was not willing to pull the cable. Later, Dad planned to send her and her grandmother to the provincial capital. Going to life, so I put this thing down. So, every time I call, I have to go a long way to the village office.

Meng Qingqing did not explain, mentioning Mengjiacun, people in the vicinity know that Mengjia Village is the poorest and most backward.

Meng Qingqing dialed the phone. She was excited to hear her father’s voice and told her that she wanted to see him. He is now sick in bed and wants to hear her voice!

But the person who answered the phone was the uncle, and Meng Qingqing was as familiar with the voice as his father’s voice.

“Dar, how do you take my dad’s phone? My dad? Let him answer the phone.” Although I hate this beastly person now, Meng Qingqing can’t fall out with him all at once, now she is in the eyes of others. Still small, many things can’t be done.

“It’s green! Your father is busy with work these days. He dropped the phone here. What are you doing? I told him.”

Ming Ming’s father is now lying in the hospital. Meng Zijian still perfuse her like this. Even if he knows it later, he will find reasons to tell her not to let her worry, but he does not let Meng Qingqing know that Dad is lying. On the hospital bed, his real intention is not to let her contact with Dad, knowing how much property Dad has.

It seems that from Meng Zijian’s mouth, I can’t ask any of my father’s words. Dad’s phone is in the hands of Meng Zijian. He can only go to his father’s side in person to know the true situation of his father. She must try her best to save her father’s life, and she can’t let her father’s property fall into the hands of Mencius and his wife.

Meng Qingqing also perfunctoryly said: “Da Bo, nothing, I just want to be a father, so give him a call. Since my father is not there, I will hang up.”

Meng Qingqing put down the phone, thanked the people in the village office, and rushed to the house. She had to find a way to convince her grandmother to let her go to the south of the city to find her father. When she was twelve years old, she didn’t know that her father was sick. She didn’t know where her father was. Of course, she didn’t dare to go so far to go to the provincial capital to find her father, but now she knows that Dad is in the hospital now and knows that hospital. In the ward of that department. So even though the uncle didn’t tell her, she knew that she could find it.

Meng Qingqing thought about it and returned home, but her grandmother was not at home, she might have gone to the ground. In the countryside, there will always be endless farm work. Grandma’s past life was on the ground.

Meng Qingqing ran to the ground, Grandma was there, Meng Qingqing patted her chest and bent down and said, “Grandma, give me some money to make a toll, I am going to see my father.”

Grandma is weeding in the valley, she put down her hoe and squatted and said, “You called your father? How did he say?”

“Grandma, my dad said, let me go to the provincial capital for a few days.” Meng Qingqing lied.

Grandma shook her head. “How do you go alone? So far, you have to pour a few cars!” From Mengjiacun to the town there are more than 30 kilometers of mountain roads, from the town to the county more than 70 kilometers, then take the bus from the county to the provincial capital for more than ten hours. Grandma has never been to the provincial capital, but she has heard that the people and cars in the provincial capital are as dense as the trees on the mountain. So many people and cars, how can granddaughters find their father?

Meng Qingqing can only continue to lie to her grandmother. “Grandma, Xiaoshu just wants to go to the provincial capital. He will send me by the way.”

Grandma listened to it and was relieved. “It’s good that your uncle is going with you, but I also want you to go to the town by car and ask if anyone is going to the town today. You can go together.”

Grandma took her to go home with Meng Qingqing, and her grandmother washed her hands and went to the house to throw out three hundred dollars to Meng Qingqing. “Green, this is the toll, and there is money to buy on the road. When you go to the provincial capital, don’t run around. I heard that the provincial capital is very big, and I lost it. I can’t find the way home!”

Meng Qingqing has lived in the provincial capital for more than ten years. She is already familiar with it. Of course, there is no problem of losing her home, but she still seriously nodded her promise to her grandmother. I used to be ignorant, and I always felt that my grandmother was awkward. After she became an orphan, how much she missed her grandmother’s words, no one was in her ear, and no one cares.

Meng Qingqing had three hundred dollars in pockets and took thousands of grandmothers on the road. With her along the way, there is also the head of the village. He went to work in the town, and the uncle was so thin because he was so thin, and people called him a mouse. This uncle is not very good, but a person who is straightforward and quick-hearted, past life, after his father died, this the uncle of the mouse helped her and her grandmother a lot. Therefore, Meng Qingqing was very impressed with him.

The son of the uncle is too big and fast, and Meng Qingqing must trot to keep up with him.


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