Back To Twelve: Chapter 6 – By Car

There are more than 40 minutes to start, the door has not been opened, the waiting room is crowded with people, Meng Qingqing had to find a quiet corner to stand and wait, despite this, she still attracted some people’s attention, she looked at herself, Although the heart is already twenty-five years old, but the body is only twelve years old, because she has been helping her grandmother to work in the field for a long time, she is very dark in the sun, and she is shorter than her peers. Black and thin, to save trouble, let her grandmother cut a short hair, wearing black trousers, an old shirt with blue and white flowers, and carrying a big blue cloth bag, this dress is in the village. Ok, but here, it is very earthy. At first glance, it is a gimmick from the village. It is another person, of course, it will cause others to be curious.

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